Sports Training

The Tecnifutbol International Academy players will have the change to get classrooms perfectly adapted for the best football training during their stay with us. This classrooms, where are situated at the Complex Esportiu Futbol Salou, will be used for provide the players the necessary concepts to apply immediately afterwards over the pitch.

The football training is divided into 3 areas, taking into account the issues that are to be treated.

  • Tactical concepts: Recording the videos of the game in which players take part. From there, we will decide the key aspects for improving their perfomance both collective and individual. The goal of this study, is be able to find the best way to assimilate the right tactical concepts in certain actions during the game.
  • Football environment: Its important to deal with that elements which are interrelated and directlu affect the permonace of each player. Maintaining a good nutrition is essential to ensure good form and prevent injuries. It will also inform the detailed functionaing of the body and the reactions to differents stimulus.
  • Specific vocabulary: Academic session purely related to football world.