In our Academy specific training is realized to improve the performance of the player during his stay. Starting from initial parameters, short and long-term goals are set for the purpose of defining an initial base and working through established planning. We try to follow a comprehensive program in the tactical, technical and physical aspects, without forgetting the importance to teach some educational values, basic in the formative period where our players are.

The methodology on which our work is based is an innovative learning system called SMARTFOOTBALL, based on the brain and its plastic capacity. It is a brain enrichment program whose goal is to train intelligent and creative players.

So, our workouts are divided into three daily sessions:

1. Injury Prevention: During each morning, our players will make a session at the Cambrils Park Resort's gym or on the football field to work on aspects related to strength, postural control, pliometry, speed and explosiveness.

2. SMARTFOOTBALL Training: Players will perform daily trainings adapted to their characteristics and game styles. Through the perception of different inputs and game situations, they have to react and make the right decision at the given time.

3. Training with a local team and match: From Tecnifutbol, we offer the possibility for our players to join local clubs to have the opportunity to train and paly with a team. In this way, we also can see the progression of the player through his performance within a team.

 Our Methodology: SMART FOOTBALL

Smartfootball is a methodology based upon the brain and its artistic ability. A blogo-sfrain enrichment program which aims players to train smart and creative. Current methods to train players are old, tired, outdated and unable to realize the full potential of a football player. We need to re-imagine and rethink the football we practice and perform and use a new paradigm: Football based on the brain.

The brain is the new protagonist and Smartfootball is the tool you need to configure and adapt to the needs of football.

SMARTFOOTBALL is an innovative methodology, supported by a doctoral thesis and multiple research in football academies, professional teams and universities of the highest international prestige .



New technology:

Use of new technology applied to the sport for the improvement of the sports performance of our players.  

  • academia-maquinaUse of GPS for greater control of loads of workouts and matches, as a tool for the mechanical analysis of different motor patterns, injury prevention, ...
  • Use of encoder to analyze different neurosucular profiles, to detect muscular and / or coordinating imbalances. 
  • Personal cameras for a better perceptive analysis of the player.
  • Drones to analyze some aspects like the player's rational occupation in space.