In our academy, we organize specific trainings to improve the player’s performance during the period with us. Based on some initial parameters, we propose short and long-term goals with the purpose of working through an established planning. We develop an integral formation in the tactical, technical and physical fields, without forgetting the importance of imparting some basic educational values ​​in the formative stage of our players.

Smartfootball (SF) is a methodology based on the brain and its artistic ability. SF is a brain enrichment program which aims players to train smart and be creative. We need to re-imagine and rethink the football we practise and perform and use a new paradigm: Football based on the brain.

The brain is the new protagonist and SF is the tool needed to configure and adapt to the needs of football.

Thus, our workouts are divided into three daily sessions: 1. Injury prevention: Some days in the morning, our players will make a session at the Cambrils Park Resort gym to work on some aspects related to strength, postural control, speed and explosiveness. 2. SMARTFOOTBALL Training: Players will perform a daily training adapted to their characteristics and playing styles. By perceiving different play situations, they have to react and make the right decision at the given time. 3. Training with a local team and match: From Tecnifutbol, ​​we offer the possibility to our players to join local teams to have the opportunity to train with a team and compete at the official level. In this way, we intend to see the progression of the player through his performance with the corresponding team.

SMARTFOOTBALL is an innovative methodology, supported by a doctoral thesis and multiple research in football academies, professional teams and universities of the highest international prestige .

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