NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER 2014 During the months of November and December, we move in Ireland, first in the Carlow University, to make a clinical of coaches in which there was a theoretical and a practical part where they took almost a hundred coaches.
OCTOBER 2014 TRAINING FOR COACHES AND FOOTBALL CAMP IN STOCHOLM During the 27th, 28th and 29th of October, we traveled to the capital of Sweden to present our services. First, we conducted a training course with native coaches at the facilities of Tyresö FF. The workshop was about the philosophy of the Catalan football and the methodology we used. On the other hand, the training camp took place at facilities of Årsta FF with children between 10 and 13 years. We implemented our idea of football revolves around the decision making to serve the tactical and the control of the ball to improve the technique.
OCTOBER 2014MASTERCLASSES AT COMPLEX ESPORTI FUTBOL SALOU In October, we have done 3 masterclasses with foreign teams. The first one was with the norwegian women’s team VOS School under 16. The second one was with ESM under 12 and 13 from Scotland. Finally, we did the last one with the finnish team KPV under 15.
SEPTEMBER 2014 WORKSHOP ABOUT THE CATALAN FOOTBALL PHILOSOPHY Our sports director Albert Viñas Aliau in Dublin last week talking to irish trainers in a workshop about catalan football philosophy and what Tecnifutbol offers for the football lovers.
SEPTEMBER 2014 BEGINNING OF CLUB ACADEMIA TECNIFUTBOL A new feature this season is the creation of our own youth football. We began a process of learning from the youngest category because these players grow with us about football and in terms of education.
SEPTEMBER 2014 BEGINNING OF OUR TECNIFUTBOL INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY The Tecnifutbol International Academy has been set up with the vocation to offer the youngsters around the world the knowledge of catalan and Spanish football, together with a personal and interdisciplinary training, where the football training is as important as the habits that help to build the base as an athlete and a person.
JUNE 2014 TRAININGCAMPS IN FUTBOLSALOU JUNE 2014 2n TRAININCAMO IN FLISA (NORUEGA), SUCCESS! SPRING 2014 2nd COACH COURSE, LYBIAN FEDERATION IN FUTBOLSALOU Second generation of Libyan Coaches will be intensively to FutbolSalou facilities.
WINTER 2014 1r TECNIFUTBOL INTERNATIONAL TRIAL A group of selected players were made workouts orders Santi Scaffolding and later traveled to Finland with a professional Espedició where they participated in several matches (U21 National Team Finland, Finns and Estonians Professional Teams)
DECEMBER 2013 FINLAND CAMPS Again tread Scandinavian lands, in this case for a Campus Indoor Soccer terrain NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2013 1st COACH COURSE, LYBIAN FEDERATION IN FUTBOLSALOU Here begins a long journey where generations of Libyan Coaches will be intensively to FutbolSalou facilities. 1
0th of November 2013 THE SPORT MANAGER ALBERT VIÑAS AT THE INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL CONGRESS IN POLAND The Sport Manager of CE FutbolSalou, Albert Viñas, has participated as a speaker in a International Football Congress in Poland, with the lecture of “Catalan Phylosophy in Football”, with such eminences Horst Wein, Romagosa and other international speakers.
27th to 31st of October 2013 // 3rd to 7th of November 2013 PLAYERS SELECTED IN FINLAND COME TO TRAIN AT FUTBOLSALOU TO THE INTERNATIONAL CAMP After the visit of our FutbolSalou coaches in Finland, the group of boys selected arrived to our facilities for a week full of football activities such as; Morning training sessions, recovery training sessions in the gym, speeches, meetings with professionals of the Sport, theoretical lessons, guided tours and visits to football games.
5th to 12th of September 2013 TECHNIFICATION CAMP- TUNISIAN BOYS A group of 40 tunisian players trained for a week at our Futbol Salou Sport Complex and enjoyed the resort.
15th to 31st of July 2013 CATALAN PROFESSIONAL ROAD SHOW Our coach staff have travelled the cities of Pori, Tampere, Oulu, Vaasa and Helsinki performing trainings to more than 500 participants.
17th to 20th of June 2013 FOOTBALL CAMP IN MASKU (FINLAND) Our coach staff have performed a camp with 50 players in the district of Masku, Finland. 4th to 16th of June 2013 FOOTBALL CAMP IN FLISA (NORWAY) Our coach staff have performed a camp with 60 players to the north of Oslo.