We are situated at the FutbolSalou Sport Complex , in
the Region of the Camp de Tarragona, more
specifically in Salou, a site strategically located and
easily accessible by many possibilities:

100km from Barcelona and its International airport
10km from Reus and its airport
20km from the train station
Direct access to the motorways AP-7 & A-7.

Sport Complex: Futbol Salou
8 football fields (2 natural turf, 4 artificial turf and
2 hybrid turf, best surface to practise football).
Fully equipped dressing rooms.

Finding natural grass in the best conditions is becoming more complicated. Football is characterised by being something unexpected, and more with the natural grass. This type of surface provides more varied rhythm changes. The best place in which to demonstrate the skill with a ball at your feet.

Absorbs heat Absorbs heat
Produces oxygen Produces oxygen
Reduce temperature changes Reduce temperature changes

Driving the ball cleanly and a pass without surprises. The artificial turf is more uniform and its wear is almost imperceptible. This type of terrain better absorbs impacts and allows greater turning power. In its beginnings, the artificial fields were hard and uncomfortable, a far cry from present times. The fibers of our fields are soft and you can perfectly score a goal without risk or fear of injury to the skin.

Field 100% flat and homogeneous Field 100% flat and homogeneous
High drainage capacity High drainage capacity
Does not rise during the game Does not rise during the game

Reduce injuries with the latest technology underfoot. The hybrid pitch consists of a lower layer of artificial turf and an upper layer of natural grass. It is a system that reduces muscle overload and prevents trauma and breakage. Our hybrid fields meet all the parameters required by FIFA.

Allow more hours of play Allow more hours of play
More precise rebound of the ball More precise rebound of the ball
Reduces risk of injury Reduces risk of injury

Practice is important, but tactics make the difference. Our Sports Complex is designed for the whole of football: from kick off to the final whistle. We have 2 rooms and a training room of about 50m 2 equipped with everything you need to view training, matches and determine the strategy to win.They have a projector, whiteboard, computer and screen available to all the teams that request it.

So that an injury is not an obstacle to the victory. At CE Futbol Salou we care about the health and physical condition of the players. Therefore, we have an outdoor area in which to recover and use some of the Sport Science machines.

Changing rooms

16 changing rooms for referees, coaches and footballers. A changing room is the last place you see before stepping on the field. A shared space where players and the technical team can chat to give the best in the 90 minutes of play. That’s why, at CE Futbol Salou we take care of all the details. They have showers, sinks and heating. Players access the pitch directly from the locker room to maximise concentration before the game.

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