Our training sessions must always consider:

  • “Rondos”.
  • Small-sided games.
  • Attack vs Defense situations.
  • Game situations.
  • Physical training integrated in the tactical and technical aspects.
  • Technical training with tactical decision games.
  • Individual training drills as a specific improvement.

Our aim is that our players understand the game, they integrate it in the model of play of their teams and that have the technical, tactical and physical skills to succeed.

The Microcycles must consider:

  • Individual improvements of the player (Technically & physically).
  • Tactical adaptation to the model of play of the team (Tactically).
  • Integration inside the system and the roles required by the coach (System)
  • Rectify the last games and prepare the next ones. (Competition)

Our training methodology will always be around the ball, with open exercises where the mecanisms of perception and, above all, decision will be required.

Any exercise must have a tactical aim and each training session must have the conducting strand of the players improvement from the tactical point of view.