Other services

Activities designed with the aim of the specific improvement, for those players that are in the initiation and training stages and their aim is to complement their training in the club with one session per week along with our methodology.

  • Reduced working groups, learning the offensive and defensive tactical concepts.
  • Specific technical, tactical, conditional and psychological improvement.
  • Integrated advice of the player and family.
  • Timing: 1 day per week.

Master classes with our technical team are also an option on offer to those clubs who take part in football stages at our sports complex. The aim of which is for football clubs particularly those visiting Spain, to experience a training session with specialised technicians from Catalonia and Spain licensed by UEFA and teachers of the Catalan Football federation experienced in working with Spanish teams of the highest category. The Master class offers teams, players and visiting technicians the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the Catalan and Spanish football philosophy. A philosophy which is producing such excellent result for both Catalan clubs and the Spanish selection and is the basis of so many fine players now with teams throughout Europe. The Master class is an excellent option to experience and visualise football training in the same way as do our top ranking clubs and to understand their work philosophy. The training given will be adapted to suit the needs of each club, age, category, etc, specifically concentrating on those areas required by that club’s trainer. Before, during and after the Master class, visiting trainers may be in direct contact with the professional leading the class and actively participate in the work in hand. At the end of each master class, the visiting trainer will receive a detailed report of all the work undertaken. For information about our master classes, please contact us: [email protected] .